It's the rare SportsNation poll with a nearly perfect geographical split, somewhere around the Central and Mountain time zones. A question we had never pondered before—Which day would you prefer to watch the Super Bowl?—tears a nation asunder.

In the East, the game begins after it's already dark; the Super Bowl is a Sunday night event. By the time you say your goodbyes, head home, and sober up a little, it's already time to go to bed on a work night. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a day to recover? But out West, the night is still young, and there's plenty of afterparty or wind-down time to be had. Football belongs on Sundays!

There'd be no need for the bi-coastal debate if the Monday after the Super Bowl were a national holiday. And if they don't want to be too obvious about it, I'm sure they can dig up some minor saint or president to pin it on.