Scott Stapp Ruins America

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Scott Stapp, not content with making you hate music, God, and baseball, has decided to ruin America for everyone, too. Here he is, doing unspeakable things to our country's national anthem.

Permit me to quote from reader Eli's e-mail:

That's exactly how to start the season; with a lame, half-drunk Eddie Vedder wannabe butchering the national anthem. He checked his ear every three notes (that of course didn't work) and he stretched it out longer than Bleeding Gums Murphy. Listening to it gave my ears the same sensation my nose gets when it smells a fart. A nasty, rotten-egg-smelling fart. Scott Stapp needs to go the fuck away and leave my baseball experience alone. Isn't he from Central Florida anyway? Let him go sing about the fucking Rays.

My dad thinks that the Marlins' ownership is deliberately creating a lesser experience for fans in hopes of generating excitement over the better baseball experience that will be their new ballpark. I can only think/hope that involving Scott Stapp in this season is part of that plan.


It's almost cruel. The poor guy's been through a lot. The Marlins really shouldn't be exposing him to the withering ridicule of their three or four fans.

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