All told, we actually kind of like ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt. He's still a knockoff of the tired "wacky" anchor, but he's not as obnoxious about it as he could be. He seems like a dopey, well-meaning fellow who is happy to be on television.

And his self-effacing manner evidently transfers off-screen; when he's trying to pick up a lady, he turns into Jon Favreau from Swingers. Witness this voice message, apparently left by Van Pelt, for a woman he met at a bar in Dewey Beach, Delaware a couple of weeks ago. (The download takes about a minute or so, but trust us: It's worth it.)


Alternately pleading, self-loathing and quietly rocking out the Bells Palsy references, Van Pelt reveals himself as, well, a dopey, well-meaning fellow who is happy to have talked to a girl.

It's pretty easy to make fun of Van Pelt here, but considering the way people from ESPN are prone to talking to women, we'll consider this a step in the right direction.

Scott Van Pelt Has A Way With The Ladies (WAV File)

UPDATE: Audio is here now.