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Scott Weiland Gets His Lee Corso On

If you're not up on your aging "psychedelic" hair metal band sports trivia, former Stone Temple Pilots and current Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland is an inexplicable fan of Notre Dame football. (We guess his dad went there; amazingly, Weiland didn't make the trip.) This morning, Weiland released a statement begging coach Charlie Weis not to leave for the NFL.

Okay Charlie, at this point I am going to assume that you haven't spoken to the Giants' organization about their 'potential coaching job.' But LEAVING NOTRE DAME, your alma mater, without having achieved really anything of monolithic proportions like you've promised us, is absurd and unfair. So at this point, I will get on my knees and beg. Don't do it, coach. Don't do it! Stay and do what you promised; your team, your school, the fans, the legacy deserves to be taken to the promised land. Your recruits, Charlie, who are just beginning to trickle in, came to play for you. You!


Oh, and also, kids? Don't do crack.

Velvet Revolver Frontman Issues "Open Letter" To Charlie Weis []

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