Scottie Pippen Adds Preschooler To Pending Tenant Lawsuit, Alleging Crayon Abuses

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Scottie Pippen has added a 5-year-old child to a tenant lawsuit alleging that Pippen’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida home was wrecked up and defiled by, among other things, chaotic crayon and marker scribblings.

Pippen was apparently renting the luxurious home to comedian Lindsay Glazer and her husband Jacob Woloshin, who reportedly moved in 2017 after their home was damaged by Hurricane Irma. Pippen’s pad is a spectacular mansion, as befits an NBA superstar, and the couple reportedly paid a whopping $30,000 a month for the privilege of staying there.

The three-story home at 2571 Del Lago Dr. has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a 215-foot private dock with a boat lift, full-size basketball court, putting green, chilled wine room, fitness center, and home theater, according to a 2016 real estate listing.


Pippen has reportedly had the house on the market since 2007, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and has listed it for as much as $16 million. The listing price has dropped a lot over the years, but Pippen is still eager to sell it, which is apparently why a condition of his renting it to Glazer and Woloshin was that they keep the place in “pristine” condition throughout. His lawsuit, originally filed in 2018, says they have very much not done that. From a helpful summary from the Daily Business Review:

Pippen alleges the defendants breached the lease by damaging the front gate, various furnishings and a home-entertainment system, causing an insect infestation and allowing pets to urinate on furniture and floors. It also claims the defendants fell behind on rent and utility bills, and stole household items, including a Cuisinart knife set.


This thing has so far played out with the dumb and insufferable flair for publicity you’d expect from a lawsuit pitting a former NBA player against a comedian, with one-liner laden press releases and a sarcastic GoFundMe campaign. Mostly that shit will rot your brain, but the development that’s worth your attention is what transpired most recently, when Pippen amended the complaint to include the couple’s five-year-old daughter, who reportedly contributed to the squalor by “[defacing] the Property with markers, crayons, and/or [causing] damage of similar nature.” Per the Daily Business Review report:

“Under Florida law, custodial parents are responsible for the actions of their children,” [Pippen’s lawyer Jason B. Giller] said. “Here, the Pippen compound was clearly defaced, among other ways, by a child, and whether that be Ms. Glazer’s child or a guest thereof, she and her husband Jacob Woloshin are responsible.”

In addition to the severe Crayola damage done to the home, Pippen has already suffered unanticipated negative consequences from the lawsuit. As reported by the Sun-Sentinel, Pippen had been using a Florida homestead provision to lower his taxes on the home; the lawsuit of course revealed that he’d been renting it out and not using it as his primary residence, which invalidated the homestead break and led to an assessment of more than $13,000 in back taxes. Read the full amended complaint below.