Screw It, Vote Every Kansas City Royal Into The All-Star Game

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With about a month until the MLB All-Star Game, the American League roster shows a pattern: every player with the most votes at their position plays for the Royals. Even the bad ones.

The first base, second base, and outfield numbers are close, but in other categories, Royals players have major leads in the top slots. Mike Trout’s the only non-Royal with a starting spot at his position if voting ended today:


Remember, this game determines home-field advantage for the World Series. Should these numbers hold up, an almost-complete lineup of Royals would determine if the AL champions get three or four games in their own park. MLB needs to figure out if it wants to let the fans vote or let the game count for something meaningful, because it can’t be both. The fact that this ballot-stuffing could easily lead to a Game 7 in an NL park is a bigger joke than having nine Royals start the All-Star Game.

In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy this and advocate for more homerism. Get Alex Rios, who has 66 at-bats, to somehow surpass Trout. Keep stuffing the ballot for Omar Infante, he of the .213 OBP. Write in Jarrod Dyson. Vote for every Royal. Then vote again. As big fans of dumb things that make people angry, Deadspin fully endorses an all-Royal AL All-Star lineup.


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