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The Falcons beat the Eagles 14-10 in the "Monday Night Football" opener last night, but, for whatever reason, all anyone wants to talk about this morning is the pregame fight that ended with the ejections of Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and Falcons cornerback Kevin Mathis.

We can't quite tell who threw a punch or who didn't (though Football Outsiders points out that, technically, refs aren't supposed to use replays to figure out who punched whom), but, we have to say, in the vast realm of pregame fights, this wasn't one of the best ones. The first skirmish โ€” we love the word "skirmish" by the way; it seems like we never hear it about anything other than sports โ€” was brief and the second one was kind of ridiculous; it looked more like competing Under Armour commercials to us. But hey: It inspired Stuart Scott to call it "a bizarre fiasco of an affair," which makes sense in a twisted, Stuart Scott type of way.

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