Seahawks Fan Writes Open Letter To "Mr. Classless" Cam Newton

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As frustrating as it is that all the good football teams are in the NFC and are getting knocked out while the Patriots coast to another conference title, it was more than a little satisfying to see the Seahawks go down. Trust me, it will be even more satisfying when you see how this one Seahawks fan threw a smarm-fit about it.

After Carolina’s 31-24 win, Cam Newton made his customary circuit of the stadium to give high-fives, when one Seahawks fan dangled a “12th man” flag. With a big smile on his face, Newton grabbed it, balled it up, and threw it:


Predictably, a number of Seahawks fans weren’t happy. But only one of them wrote an open letter to Newton and then posted it to her local news’ Facebook page.

“Seahawk fans aren’t just fans.” Yes you are! You are literally just fans. You are no better and no worse a person than any other sports fan just because your team has been good for a few years. In fact, you are probably a worse person because you’re invoking sick children to make yourself feel better about losing a football game.

Sometimes I think I only watch sports for the brief moments of schadenfreude I get from seeing losing fans throw shit-flinging tantrums. All the better when they try to dress it up in piety. You’re not fooling anyone, Sarah!