Seahawks Trade For Percy Harvin

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Seattle, just two points from the NFC Championship game, gets another fancy toy for its emerging star quarterback to play with. The Seahawks have acquired Percy Harvin from Minnesota for draft picks, and just like that, the two early favorites for 2013 are both in the NFC West.

He's not coming cheap. In addition to the picks—first and seventh rounders in 2013, a mid-round pick next year—the Seahawks will have to ink Harvin to a long-term deal—and he was asking $10 million a year from the Vikings.


In the short term, poor Adrian Peterson and poor Vikings fans. Christian Ponder's going to throw to Kyle Rudolph 15 times a game. When's the last time you saw a rebuilding playoff team? But in the long haul, it's a big haul. The last marquee receiver to be moved was Brandon Marshall last summer, and Miami received just two third-round picks.

It's more than worth it for Seattle. The last receiver they gave up a first-rounder for was Deion Branch. Deion Branch is not Percy Harvin. The Seahawks' window is wide open.