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Seahawks vs. Bears, 1st Quarter

- Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be holding your hand and walking you through this one on FOX... I actually haven't heard a lot of Joe Buck this year, so this is a special treat for me.

- It's cold in Chicago. In case you weren't aware. This is where the whiskey habit really comes in handy for the Bears quarterbacks.


- Oh, and that's Matt Hasselbeck and his mom in the picture, by the way.

- We are underway, and the Bears have possession first... Rex Grossman completes his first pass of the day, if you're looking for an omen. First down, Bears.

- Joe Buck: "You know, we talk about this secondary, and we can't act as if people are aware of what's going on." No, of course not... thank God, Joe Buck is here to walk us through it.

- Rexy over the middle to Rashied Davis... great throw, a juggling catch, and the Bears are in the red zone... they've been running the ball, they're throwing it... the Bears look pretty damn good here.


- Draw play, and Thomas Jones is going to cruise into the endzone, almost untouched. Damn. That was a drive. 7-0 Bears.

- I'm gonna have to correct what I said about that being a nice throw by Grossman to Davis. That sort of bounced of Jordan Babineaux's hands, which I didn't notice at first. You suck, Grossman. And I bet Matt Hasselbeck's mom is hotter.


- 3rd and 10 for Seattle, Grossman throws, and this one... well, it very easily could have gone for six Chicago points, if Peanut Tillman could catch. It ends up in the hands of Darrell Jackson, who still comes up short of the first down. Eventful play... but the Seahawks are punting. Out of bounds inside the 10.

- On 3rd and 4, Rex Grossman gets crunched... Seattle stops the Bears on a 3rd down for the first time today. Still, it was nice work by the Bears to get out of the field position hole that they were in there.


- Mike Holmgren is snarling and yelling "God damn it" at someone before a 3rd down and 10... I don't know who, but it must have scared someone into doing their job. Hasselbeck hands tough in the pocket and completes it to D-Jack for the first down near the Chicago 20.

- The first quarter ends, and I'm hearing Joe Buck echo. Entertaining first quarter.

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