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Seahawks vs. Bears, 4th Quarter/Overtime

- Chicago looks to take the lead here, with their golden gift from the Seattle field goal block unit. 3rd and goal from the 10. Grossman throws, it's of Muhammad's hands... and it's intercepted by a guy who denied my loan application two weeks ago. Big turn of events there.

- Or not. Matt Hasselbeck gives it right back on the very next play, rolling to his right, and hitting Ricky Manning Jr. Terrible throw, and Manning went after that ball like it was using an iBook.


- And for the record, Grossman's interception was not Grossman's fault, while Hasselbeck's interception was 100% the fault of Matt Hasselbeck.

- Another good throw by Grossman, and this one's dropped by Berrian... the throw was behind him, and it was, but that was a very catchable ball. Here comes Robbie Gould again... this time, from 49. They didn't get the snap off in time, but if they had, the snap was going directly to Gould, who was punting. Now they'll just punt for real. Missed opportunities from the Bears here in the 4th. Lots of them.

- Incredible return there by Devin Hester, especially considering he was right on the sideline, and had no room to move whatsoever... unfortunately, there's a flag down, because someone cheated. That one's coming back... I hope Devin Hester doesn't let that affect his self-esteem, because that was nice.

- A Chicago drive is in progress, much of the work being done by Cedric Benson. 3rd and 2 from the Seattle 26. Benson again, and he's going to come up a little short, it looks like.


- Somehow in the course of a commercial break, Chicago went from being 12 inches short of the first down, to having a first down... if I was a Seattle fan, I'd be going nuts.

- Robbie Gould again, taking the field for the third time today, without ever having registered an actual field goal attempt. This one's going up, though... from 41. And he just slides it in, tying the game at 24.


- So, 4:16 for Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks here... they'll start from their own 37 or so. Time is not an issue, at this point. Shaun Alexander starts it off with another patient, intelligent run for 10 yards.

- 3rd and short, and Alexander's not going to get it. 2:00 warning, and Mike Holmgren's got to go for this, doesn't he? He goes for everything, he's Mike Holmgren. If he gets it, he's in fine shape to move the ball a little bit and get a game-winning field goal. If he doesn't, the same is true of Chicago.


- Trouble with the snap, and they're not even close. They lost about a yard on the play. Holmgren will be second-guessed, but... I kind of like the call. They had been able to get those tough yards all day, I'd have thought I'd have gotten that one, too. Oh well.

- If this thing happens to go into overtime, I might have to bail on you. Just so you know.


- 3rd and 10 for Seattle... and Hasselbeck takes a sack. We're going to overtime now.

- Alexander breaks off consecutive 10-yard runs... and he's been outstanding on 1st and 2nd downs.


- So there's 2:00 left for Rex Grossman from the Chicago 45-yard-line... 3rd and 7 now. Throw is knocked up into the air, and Thomas Jones knocked it down, saving an interception. That was sort of anticlimactic. And Seattle's going to get the ball back with the better part of two minutes, and all their timeouts. As it turns out, that failed 4th down didn't hurt them much at all. Especially considering that that punt sailed into the endzone... 1st and 10 from their own 20.

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