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Seahawks Bros Struggle Mightily With Their "12th Man" Flag

Aw man, look at these poor Seahawks bros. This scene really could not have played out any better, as each bro's reaction is completely perfect in its own way.

You've got the bro on the left, who's probably the jokester of the group, noticing their mistake before anyone else and just nonchalantly rolling up the flag, trying to keep everyone loose with a few s'all-good head bobs and a chuckle.

Then you've got the bro in the middle, who was probably most excited about bringing the flag to the game and was kind of a pain in the ass about finding a way to get in front of a camera. "Dude, if it happens it happens, just relax," bro on the left probably told him when they got to the stadium. "Chad, I am relaxed I just want to make sure we get on TV, OK? It'll be so sick. I'm really not trying to be a dick but you need to finish that drink like right now so we can get down in front of that camera, OK?" He's absolutely crushed when he sees what's happened.


And finally, there's bro on the right. He just wants to get back home so he can play more GTA V.

GIF via @CorkGaines

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