Sean McVay's Memory Is So Damn Scary

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NFL coaches are supposed to have a solid memory. It’s almost a prerequisite for the position. Rams head coach Sean McVay, the youngest head coach in the league, takes that quality to another level. During an interview with Bryant Gumbel of HBO’s Real Sports, the 32-year-old coach showed off his incredible memory:

Gumbel asked McVay if he has a photographic memory when it comes to plays. And McVay said, “I think the more accurate thing is that I just don’t have any balance. I remember plays, but it’s something where you’re constantly going through it.” Gumbel decided to test McVay’s memory by asking him about plays last season against the Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, and Seattle Seahawks.

The first play Gumbel asked about was against the Tennessee Titans in Week 16. “You got the ball second-and-11 at your own 20, [and there’s] 4:24 left in the second quarter. Do you remember what happened?”

McVay, who didn’t have to think much about that situation, replied, “I can probably say when we are going in, we flipped the field. That was when we hit [Todd] Gurley on the 80-yard screen. On the first play, we went negative one. And the series before that, they recovered a fumble for a touchdown when our guard went the wrong way.” McVay was correct:


Next, Gumbel asked McVay about a play against the New York Giants in Week 9. “[There’s] 2:40 remaining in the second quarter. Giants got the ball third-and-10 at the 14-yard line. Do you remember what happened?” McVay replied, “2:40 left in the second quarter, [cornerback] Trumaine Johnson had an interception.” Bingo:


Lastly, Gumbel asked about a moment McVay probably doesn’t want to remember: a back-breaking turnover in Week 5 against the Seattle Seahawks. “[There’s] 56 seconds left in the the third quarter. The Rams got the ball on third-and-20 at the Seattle’s 25. Remember what happened?”

McVay answered, “Yeah, we called a screen [pass] and it got picked.” Rams quarterback Jared Goff threw the interception to defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. Gumbel jokingly asked if it was McVay’s or Goff’s fault. McVay started laughing and said, “It was an unfortunate deal where he tipped it off. But we have to give a better location. That was a heck of a play by Sheldon Richardson. That was a killer right there.”


Indeed, Richardson made a huge splash play that helped Seattle win that game.


McVay doesn’t forget much. It’s that simple.