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Adam Schefter reports that former Miami offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson flunked a drug test at the scouting combine, testing positive for marijuana. Either he successfully brought his own weed across state lines, or was able to locate some during just a few days in Indianapolis—that's good hustle, either way. Shades of Mario Chalmers!

Henderson had multiple suspensions at Miami, and only revealed at the Senior Bowl that they were all for marijuana use. "I'm just being honest with every team and letting them know exactly what the situations were," Henderson said at the time, "I'm putting all the negative things behind me moving on to the next level."

It goes without saying that the various pot dramas have led some teams to take Henderson off their draft boards altogether. It should also go without saying that, in the NFL, no one really minds if you smoke. The league tests for it just once a year, within a narrow window, usually with enough heads-up to get clean. Henderson's true crime wasn't getting high—it was lacking the foresight or self-control to refrain over the one weekend the NFL pretends to care.

Henderson will find a home. One GM's character concern is another's draft bargain. It's the circle of life.


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