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Searching For...The Random Asian Kid Of KU

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We haven't had to call upon the Deadspin I-team for personal search and rescue missions in a while, but today's entry seems as worthy as any deadbeat Dominican baseball player or ample-bosomed fan. We'll let Pete Gaines have the floor:

OK, so back when this happened, the student paper (University Daily Kansan) runs this picture of the post-fight breakup (which is even funnier since it's taken in the middle of campus, next to a food court). The sight of a bunch of KU cops and coaches rounding up a bunch of basketball players was funny enough, but then in the lower left hand corner, there's this Asian student, completely oblivious to the fact that the most famous people in the entire state of Kansas are being rounded up by cops and herded into a white van driven by former player and current administrative assistant Brennan Bachard.

Now the mystery of Asian Kid is born. Who is he? Why was he in the picture? Did he notice the fight? How could he not? Does he know he's in a semi-internet-famous picture? Nobody knows. And so it goes, many jokes and several photoshops of varying hilarity are made about the legend of Asian Kid amongst KU fans across the internet.

Enter Tully Corcoran, KU beat writer for the Topeka Capitol-Journal, who tells me one day on Twitter that he will interview and write about this mysterious Asian Kid...if only someone can find out who he is. Tully is possibly the most reader-friendly beat writer in the country, especially for a major program like KU, having already written this blog post...I mean really, how many reporters go around writing things just because some drunken boob like myself hounds him on Twitter?

Anyways, back to Asian Kid. Nobody seems to know who this kid is. People have claimed that they have friends who had him in classes. He's been claimed to be an engineering major, exchange student, English major, drama student, huge pothead, among other things. But nobody knows him themselves. And so poor Tully is at an impasse. Without Asian Kid, there can be no interview.


Without Asian Kid, there can be no interview...

And no peace.

So, internet lurkers, don your deerstalkers once again and help us find this Zelig of the Great Plains. Any and all publishable information will be rewarded with a check for $1.38.

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