The Bleeding Kansas Athletic Department (UPDATE)

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Jayhawk guard Tyshawn Taylor suffered a dislocated thumb during a brawl between KU basketball and football players in front of the student union. I bet the dispute had something to do with evolution.

However, Taylor did give some warning on his Facebook page:

"keep my name out ya' mouth for you get smacked in it," he wrote at 11:12 a.m. Tuesday, and 30 minutes later he posted, "never get outta character .. I'm always a G about it."

About 4 p.m., Taylor posted, "(racial slur)s be muggin me know I'm mugging back."


(Racial slur)s, huh? I wish those people would just (derogatory remark.) Taylor later admitted to dislocating his finger "throwing a punch," which will be very helpful to authorities should they decide to press charges. This is at least the third high-profile fight in the last year between athletes from rival teams at the same school. (Michigan and Michigan State have both had notable football-on-hockey violence.) Can't they all just agree to stick together and beat up on the kids from weaker D-III schools instead? You're tearing us apart!


At least Taylor did provide this blogger with a new motto about old media, warning folks not to believe everything they read in the papers—even when the papers report exactly what happened and what you confirmed on Facebook.

"don't let the news paper gas yall up aite!"

Consider myself ungassed.

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UPDATE: More fighting today! Police broke up an "altercation" between hoops and football players who may or may not have a "beef" with Sherron Collins. Developing? [Daily Kansan]
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UPDATE 2: Yep, it was over a woman. [