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Seattle-Area Cheerleaders Up To Their Old Diapered, Hot-Dog-Slappin' Tricks

Scene: waning springtime in the Seattle metro area. Local cheerleaders, presumably led by Parker Posey, now up to no good with the school year coming to an end, their youth and beauty fading. Their tools: diapers and hot dogs.

KOMO 4 News has the story:

Sources say some of the older cheerleaders on the Jackson High School squad made the new members wear diapers, then shot them with squirt guns and hit them with hot dogs. A mother of an accused cheerleader said the alleged hazing happened inside her home in Bothell.


Hmm. Says Sebastin, our new friend from the above video, who said, "No one's died from getting hit in the face with a sausage." Our thoughts exactly.

Everett cheerleaders suspended over alleged initiation rituals [KOMO 4 News, h/t Dee Vee]

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