Four are confirmed dead and 18 still missing due to mudslides in Seattle, so this is not even in the same plane of existence as something like the Heidi Game, but viewers tuned in to the finish in the UNC-Iowa State game had absolutely no idea what was happening in an already confusing ending when the audio switched from the game to a press conference.

The presser was an update on the search and rescue efforts following a giant landslide in Oso, Washington, about 60 miles north of Seattle. It was a totally reasonable and downright necessary cut-in for that community. Unfortunately, it came during one of the only times sports commentary is helpful.


As you can see, KIRO stayed with the game, but switched audio to the press conference while the game and timing issues were being sorted out, which is basically eye-gibberish without some kind of explanation. All of a sudden Roy Williams and Fred Hoiberg hug and that's it. Game over. Incredibly, for the people watching KIRO, this ending was even more bizarre than what the rest of us saw.

Of course people lost their shit about it, too.