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Second Half Preview: National League

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Since it's the day after the All-Star Game, otherwise known as one of the worst sports days of the year — we still can't quite believe there's no baseball tonight — we thought we'd solicit everyone's thoughts on the second half of the baseball season. And since it's fun to tell the Web site people how biased and wrong they are, we thought we'd get the ball rolling with some guaranteed-to-be-wrong predictions of our own. Here's how we think the division races will shake down, as if we have any insight, like, at all.

First, it kind of looks like the Mets are good to go; there should be plenty of Pedro-related drama in the second half to keep matters entertaining. As much as we've been pulling out our hair about our Cardinals, they've had as tough a first half as we can imagine, and they're still four games up. Assuming Pujols back doesn't split in half, they should be OK. In the West, the Dodgers seem most likely to sneak away from the pack, particularly if Barry Bonds is, you know, in jail at the end of the year. And the wild-card? They're three games out, but we envision the Brewers being the fun second-half team that takes everyone by surprise. They might kick in and pull it off a year early.


We, as mentioned, know nothing. Please expound your wisdom in the comments.

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