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David Segui, who hit 139 homeruns in 15 years in Major League Baseball, is one of the players named in Jason Grimsley's affidavit. Segui fully admits to his use of Human Growth Hormone, and claims that it was all perfectly legal, medically necessary, and done under a doctor's care.

I tend to believe him, if only because it seems like a guy who was abusing HGH as a performance-enhancer should've been a little bit better than David Segui (although that forearm is Michael Pittman-huge). He says that tests indicated that his natural levels of HGH were "off the charts low," and that, for him, HGH was a medical necessity. He even produced a doctor's prescription in his chat with ESPN's Jeremy Schaap. Of course, there are doubters, such as Deadspin reader Kyle, who wrote in with the tip:

Sounds really fishy to me, as a guy that is good enough to make it to the majors probably doesn't need HGH. I'm not a doctor, but I've heard many of them say that nearly no one needs HGH and a professional athlete has no reason to take it (outside of not having a pituitary gland).


Well, for me, this is the final straw. Steroid-related suspicions about Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmerio, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds... fine. I can handle those. But when a cloud of suspicion hangs over David Segui, then there's just nothing left for me to believe in. Mickey Mantle getting a hummer in Yankee stadium, David Segui using HGH... when will it all stop?

Update: Kyle clarifies his position on Segui and the HGH.

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