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Seizure On Ice

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Last evening's terrifying seizure incident involving Red Wings defenseman Jiri Fischer ended with an entire game being cancelled, CPR being given right there on the bench (you can see it in that picture, from the Detroit Free Press) and, ultimately, Fischer was described as "jovial" in the hospital afterwards, which, you know, makes one of us.

There has been some debate as to whether or not the game should have been cancelled, though we find it hard to ask men to play a game after watching one of their teammates' heart stop. (Particularly if they're wearing skates.) Unlike us, Off Wing Opinion was on top of this story while it was going on and has updates all through the evening last night.


Fortunately, Fischer — we keep wanting to type "Welsch," by the way — is a hockey player, which means he'll probably rip the tubes out and be on the ice by the time they reschedule this one. We wish him well.

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