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We're going to kick off Deadspin's coverage of the NCAA tournament here tonight with a live blog of CBS's Selection Show. I'll be updating every few minutes after the jump... feel free to bring your own bad self to the comments section.


• You know, this is also our first look at the commercials that we'll get positively sick of over the next few weeks. We're about to get to know Pontiac and Verizon better than we want to.

• Duke is the #1 overall, and deservedly so, I think. We've also got UConn, Villanova, and... (drumroll) Memphis. No surprises there, though I thought Ohio State might pull a surprise and grab a #1.

• This whole process takes way damn longer than it should.

• George Washington's an EIGHT seed. Why the hell are those people at GW clapping? I didn't think they'd get anything lower than a six.


• The 'Cuse gets a five, but a tough draw. Texas A&M's probably going to the best 12-seed there, and they've been on fire.

• West Virginia vs. Southern Illinois is also a nice matchup, and could set up a very interesting West Virginia/Iowa game in the second round.


• Pitt gets a five seed, and becomes already the 4th Big East team. Greg Gumbel mentions the Big East's count everytime he mentions a Big East team... they must be getting nine teams.

• Gonzaga get a 3-seed, and no team has seemed more uninterested during the live shot of their reaction, as if this whole thing is a chore for them. I don't think a 3-seed is out of line for them. I don't think there's going to be any 2-seeds that you could say for sure that Gonzaga would beat.


• Kentucky vs. UAB is my favorite 8/9 matchup so far. You can't go wrong with a Squeaky/Tubby matchup.

• Tennessee got a 2-seed? Alright, I take back what I said about Gonzaga.

• George Mason gets a bid, facing Michigan State in the 11/6 matchup. Congrats to them, and it's a pretty nice draw. Michigan State has the potential to beat anyone, but also has the potential to completely lay an egg against anyone.


• I think Billy Packer is hammered. They asked him about the DC bracket, and he started talking about the bracket that has yet to be announced. He mentioned the Arizona/Wisconsin game, which no one else on the show has mentioned. That must be the last 8/9 matchup in Villanova's bracket.

• Your play-in game: Monmouth vs. Hampton. Tuesday night, it is ON.

• Hey, Arizona/Wisconsin is the 8/9 matchup here. Thanks for ruining that one, Billy Packer, you son of a bitch.


• I'm still baffled by Tennessee getting a 2-seed. That is inexplicable.

• Georgetown becomes team #8 from the Big East. Cincinnati's still gotta be in here somewhere, too...


• Evidently not. That's also a surprise to me. Joe Lunardi's probably going to kick someone's ass.

• Nantz and Packer have been a little bit awkward tonight. It's like they're on a first date and they're nervous in each other's company.


• Bubble bitches: Florida State, Michigan, Creighton, Cincinnati, Hofstra, Creighton, and Missouri State.

• Tennessee a 2-seed... what the hell? I still can't wrap my head around that one. Does the committee award points for obscene sweating? Bizarre. Maybe Will's right and Bruce Pearl really is the devil.


• This Littlepage guy that they're talking to right now... this may be the most boring man alive. I'm not sure he's human.

• I don't get Jim Nantz's furor over the fact that the Missouri Valley has as many bids as the ACC. No one's saying those four are as good as the top four in the ACC, they're just saying those are four tournament teams.


• Billy Packer just asked a question that lasted 49 seconds. A question. I'm serious. I timed it.

• Clark Kellogg is predicting all four #1 seeds to get to the Final Four. Has he ever watched an NCAA Tournament before?


• Alright, that's it. I'm wrapping it up. Enjoy your brackets, ladies and gentlemen. And enjoy the awesome week of tournament coverage that's coming up here on Deadspin.