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Serena Williams Wins Gold Medal, Crip Walks Into Our Hearts

Holy shit. Serena Williams just won her gold-medal match against Maria Sharapova, and she won it in dominant fashion. Williams's bushwhacking of Sharapova was over in just under an hour, as she took the match 6-0, 6-1. Sharapova was lucky to take even one game, because Williams was at the absolute top of her game today. Sharapova had to throw everything she had at Williams just to scratch out a few points, and she spent most of the match looking like she was about to throw up.

The highlight of the match came after it was over, though, when Williams unleashed what has got to be the first crip walk that has ever occurred at the All England Club:


I'm sure some crusty white sportswriter will give Serena shit for her celebration after Googling what a crip walk is ("It's gang related!"), but we love it. In fact, we hope she just spends the rest of her day crip walking around London.

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