You know a television show is on its last legs when it starts bringing in celebrity guest stars ... like when Tom Selleck became a semi-regular on Friends. Now here's Kobe Bryant cavorting with Muppets.

But Bryant taping a segment for a November Sesame Street is not the big news in and of itself. Check the video below where he opens up on his feelings about President Obama, how he wants to be a standup comedian, and the startling revelation that CSI Miami is probably his favorite show. Then, there's the rap with Elmo & Friends. We wanted you to soften the league's image, Stern, not boil away the flavor entirely.

Caruso removes sunglasses: "This was no accident during rough sex. Count Von Count, you're going down for murder." EEEyyyooowwwwwww ...

Kobe Bryant Is Street ... Sesame Street [First Cuts]