Several Fights Broke Out And A Man Was Stabbed During The First Syracuse Basketball Practice Of The Season

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Orange Madness, the Syracuse version of the Midnight Madness events that take place all over the country on the first day of basketball practices, devolved into chaos around the periphery of the Carrier Dome last night. Syracuse security told reporters that multiple scuffles broke out around concession stands while players did the three-man weave and acrobatically dunked for the crowd, and one of the scuffles ended in a stabbing.

The victim was taken to Upstate University Hospital in stable condition, said Syracuse police Sgt. Tom Connellan. The stabbing occurred around 9:30 p.m. in the concourse area of the Dome, near the concession stands, as did other fights, Connellan said.

None of the people involved were students or affiliated with the university, Connellan said. The victim has not cooperated with police and no suspects are in custody.

After the stabbing, police and university officials decided to end the event about a half hour early.

The article notes that "several fights took place during the evening." The men's and women's basketball teams both scrimmaged, so fans may have been split over their allegiances to the orange team or the white team. Or they might have been really drunk. Either way, Jim Boeheim has scheduled an extra half hour of practice this morning, including windsprints for the guy that got stabbed.

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