Sex, Lies, And Zionism

Illustration for article titled Sex, Lies, And Zionism

So long Deadspin. The anorexic Jewish James Spader must now run off to his weekend gig—selling counterfeit menorahs on the street in exchange for methadone.


It's been fun, and I think we all learned a lot today. To recap:

1. Never write a sentence you've already read, and always squirt different flavors of juice in the direction of your readership.
2. Counterfactual history, like most things, is best left to Harry Turtledove.
3. Baseball Prospectus has no plans to start Plumbing Prospectus.


Thanks for your continued support of floss. Super-intern Ben Cohen will be providing incisor-ive commentary tomorrow, and on Sunday A.J. will once again set out to destroy the site in a cryptic, Gestapo-like fashion. Enjoy your three-way calling.