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Shady Business Practices In Miami

Demand, meet supply: the Dolphins will charge more money for fans who want to sit in the shade. Good, now they can watch Chad Henne struggle in relative comfort.

Miami sounds like a lovely place right about now to those of us in the Northeast, but summers are absolutely miserable. Rain, every single day. Oppressive humidity, even when it's not raining. And, holy crap, can it get hot. September's 90-degree average is no weather for football.


The new pricing is the result of a study conducted by Harvard and MIT researchers, who found that it will feel up to 15 degrees cooler in the shade. So, for a mere $5 extra, you can insure your seats are on the south side of the stadium. The Dolphins bench is on that side for a reason. Just think: you can enjoy the very same shade that NFL players do!

This isn't new: the Jaguars do the same thing (the Bettman-hater in me wants to savage the NFL for expanding to the Sun Belt). But where does it stop?

Does it cost extra for the nosebleeds under the overhang, that are out of the rain? Perhaps we can fiddle with the price tiers for night games, so the more expensive ones don't have that pesky moon glow in their peripheral vision. And how can we change more for seats directly behind that chick in the cutoffs and XS pink jersey who keeps standing up?

For $5 more, Miami Dolphins fans can have it made in the shade [Miami Herald]

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