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Massive Shark Scares The Crap Out Of Fisherman, You

Veteran angler Isaac Brumaghim was fishing from his kayak off Oahu on Sunday, minding his own business, reeling in a small fish, when—GIANT FUCKING SHARK OUT OF NOWHERE.

The shark (Canoe & Kayak says it was a Galapagos shark, Brumaghim tells GrindTV it might've been a tiger shark) wasn't after tasty human flesh—and least, not yet. It really just wanted the tuna on the end of line, and when a panicky Brumaghim released it, the shark pursued and finished off its meal.


We enjoy this video not only because it justifies our lifelong fear of nature, but because Brumaghim's reaction is perfect. Shock, distress, expletive, euphoria.

Brumaghim named the shark "Chompy."

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