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Shaun White's Transformation From Olympic Snowboarder To Resident Of New Mexico Is Complete

Shaun White was arrested on charges of public intoxication and vandalism Sunday in Nashville. White was staying at a hotel and allegedly got just wasted enough where he trashed his room, pulled a bunch of fire alarms, smashed a phone and then bolted.

Cops say ... a concerned citizen tried to stop the 26-year-old from leaving the scene in a taxi ... but White allegedly kicked the person and proceeded to flee on foot.

According to police, the alleged victim says he chased after White ... and collided with the snowboarder .... causing White to fall backwards and slam his head against a fence.


White was arrested in the hospital because he was so banged up. The result is the mug shot you see above which is just, like, the most depressing-looking thing ever. It looks like picture three in one of those faces of meth images. Where have you gone flying to-ma-to? Extreme sports turns its lonely eyes to you.

Shaun White MUG SHOT Big Black Eye [TMZ]

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