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Shawn Kemp Refuses Courtside Seats To Oklahoma City Game; Remains Seattle's Hero

Shawn Kemp has been retired from professional basketball for about eight years now, but after eight seasons with the SuperSonics, he still lives in the Seattle area and makes time for a weekly appearance on local sports radio with the "Ian Furness Show" on KJR. In yesterday's show, Kemp shared that the Oklahoma City Thunder had offered him courtside tickets to see his technically-former franchise take on the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round. He turned them down, and joked about the idea of going in his old Sonics jersey.


Loyalty! (Of a certain kind!) How refreshing. We are, however, open to the possibility that Kemp would have appreciated a little bit of attention — what retired NBA player who's attempted approximately 13 comebacks and who doesn't get to hang around his old team into his old age wouldn't? — and just did not care to take a trip to Oklahoma City.

Audio via the Ian Furness Show.