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Shelly Sterling Officially Named "Clippers Number 1 Fan" For Life

The NBA made Steve Ballmer's ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers official today, even though this was breaking news a couple months ago. As part of the sale, the Clippers have agreed to bestow a collection of perks upon Shelly Sterling, one of which will designate her as the Clippers' "Number 1 Fan" for the rest of her life.

Here's a list of Shelly's perks, per Arash Markazi:


This is dumb, and not just because a team naming anyone as its "Number 1 Fan" is corny as hell. It's dumb because Shelly played an active role in helping her racist husband carry out widespread housing discrimination for years. Remember, she's the one who posed as a health inspector to illegally enter tenants' homes and groused about how "filthy" Latinos are.

But the NBA wanted to get rid of Donald Sterling so badly that they were willing to play nice with Shelly, who, at least publicly, is the less odious of the Sterlings. With any luck, she'll be mercilessly booed every time she shows up at a game.

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