The Wolverines could have saved themselves the embarrassment if they’d just reviewed his @Shemyscout Twitter page. Or they weren’t interested in digging too far beneath the surface. That account has now been deleted.


The long-time NFL scout spent much of his career on the Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears, and Kansas City Chiefs, but spent more than a decade with the Washington Redskins. That should have been the first clue. Anyone who spent that long within the cesspool of that organization is bound to be bad news. Schembechler isn’t alone in his racist views of Black men, but employing a known bigot to recruit black athletes to play in Ann Arbor is an even tough sell to commits when he is a co-leader in the scouting and recruiting department.

This isn’t the first blight on the Schembechler name

Shemy’s apple fell pretty close to the tree though. Bo’s football accolades were monumental to the Wolverines program’s success, but he was also allegedly willing to turn a blind eye to heinous acts to win a few Big Ten titles and finish second to Woody Hayes. Matt Schembechler, the adopted son of the coach Michigan named its football headquarters after, is alleged to have been physically abused by his late father. Matt was also one of multiple individuals in the orbit of Michigab’s program who also accused Bo Schembechler of covering up former U of M doctor Robert E. Anderson’s sexual abuse.


Shemy’s resignation is the second embarrassing incident involving a member of Harbaugh’s staff this offseason. In January, Michigan fired co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss in connection with a criminal investigation into computer access crimes that occurred at Schembechler Hall.

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