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Shin-Soo Choo And His Arresting Officer Combined For A Comedy Of Errors

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Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo was arrested early Monday morning on DUI charges, the second such Indian and sixth MLB player this year. People smarter and more serious than we, like ESPN's Keith Law, have noticed and called out the trend—Law tweeted, "I'm so glad MLB is directing its time and money into developing a test for an ineffective PED rather than addressing its DUI epidemic."


There's not a lot to laugh about with DUI, especially since MLB has long had a drinking and driving problem, involving its players and its managers. But the Choo story, which will vanish from our minds just like Derek Lowe's arrest did (see "Braves' Lowe bounces back from arrest and first inning") has its fair share of whimsical incompetence. (And Choo is in tonight's starting lineup against Oakland, so the Indians can't possibly care that much, either.)


Writes Jim Ingraham of the Morning-Journal:

According to the police report, Choo was arrested at 2:38 a.m. Monday in the 5500 block of Lake Road in Sheffield Lake. Choo had originally asked a police officer for directions to Avon Lake. The officer, who said he did not detect any odor of alcohol on Choo, gave the Indians outfielder directions, and followed him.

Choo, driving a white Cadillac SUV, eventually pulled off the road and turned on his hazard lights. The officer again gave Choo directions and again followed Choo, who began to drive erratically.

According to the police report, the officer "observed the vehicle cross the white fog line and drive onto the bike path. The vehicle then crossed back over into his lane of traffic and then drove over the double yellow lines again."

The officer then pulled Choo over a second time. Choo told the officer he was unable to get his GPS working, and the police report states that it was then that the officer noticed a smell of alcohol on Choo, and that the player's eyes were bloodshot.

Emailer Samina notes that Choo was stopped about five feet from the town he needed directions to. And, if Choo was coming from Cleveland, he also would have driven through the town. That's a little silly.

We wonder, then: How is it that a man could get so drunk in just a few minutes?

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