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Short-Sleeping Psycho Adam Gase Hits The Smelling Salts Ahead Of Preseason Kickoff

Adam Gase is a sleep-deprived maniac who powers himself through each workday with “five or six 20-ounce cups” of coffee plus the occasional Red Bull, because his regular Football Man routine provides less than four hours of sleep per night. But on gamedays, when Gase needs that extra boost, it appears he is not above taking a quick hit from a chunk of smelling salts.

Buddy, get some shut-eye! It’s at least a little distressing to learn that Gase views a preseason game against the Giants as an occasion to huff ammonia gas, and it’s very distressing to imagine Gase’s overall internal body chemistry. Just a chalky soup of diuretics and irritants bombarding his poor organs at all hours. My man is ready for some football.


Staff Writer, Deadspin

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