To be honest, I'm a little surprised by this matchup: Caitlin Davis seemed to have solid upset potential, and Erin Andrews ... well, I guess you can't underestimate the power of the sideboob.

I remind again that voting is open until Sunday night. A look at the bracket to this point. (Thanks, Johnny Excretory Malfunction Jim Cooke.)

Voting will remain open through next week ... so let's go. It's No. 4 seed Chris Cooley vs. No. 12 seed Erin Andrews. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:

No. 4 Chris Cooley
Married a cheerleader.
Displayed some playbook penis.
Deputized brother for Daulerio public relations call.


No. 12 Erin Andrews
Attacked by Bruce Pearl.
Angered Mike Nadal.
Showed up everywhere.


Vote, you beautiful rapscallions.