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SHOTY First Round: Brett Favre Vs. Baby Mangino

All righty, kids, holidays are over, you have the next month of craziness to streak through — I never notice December has started until it's over — and it all begins now. Time to get serious, people. And nothing's more serious than SHOTY voting.

Voting will remain open until the end of the first round ... and since everyone's back at work today, let's hit a solid matchup. It's No. 6 seed Brett Favre vs. No. 11 Baby Mangino. A look at the nominees' 2008 resumes:

No. 6 Brett Favre
Cost Packers the Super Bowl.
Stalked by Rachel Nichols.
Traded to Jets.
Turned out pretty good, actually.


No. 11 Baby Mangino



So, who wins?


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