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OK, folks ... it's time for the voting to begin. Let's all give big-up to the genius that is Jim Cooke for his official SHOTY graphic. The 2007 SHOTY voting will run every Tuesday and Thursday until, well, 2008 probably. We love Kige there.

Voting will remain open until the end of the first round ... so let's get started. It's No. 4 seed Elijah Dukes vs. No. 13 Jeff Reed. A look at the nominees:

No. 4 Seed: Elijah Dukes

Explored the possibilities lent to us by cellular technology.

Impregnated a foster child.

Became a sports radio star.

You divorced, dawg.


No. 13 Seed Josh Reed

Revealed some kicker dong.


Partied some more.

So, go vote: Who makes it to the Final Eight?


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