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Tampa Bay Devil Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes is off to a splendid start this year, and just watching him play, you can tell he has superstar potential. Hell ... he could very well be the next Brett Myers!

Dukes' wife, NiShea Gilbert, 26, a teacher at Beth Shields Middle School in Ruskin, told the court in another filing Thursday that her husband threatened to kill her and sent a photo of a handgun to her cell phone. She played the St. Petersburg Times a voice mail message she said was from Dukes:

"You dead, dawg," says an angry voice. "I ain't even bullshitting. Your kids, too."


The St. Petersburg Times also tells of the time that Dukes stormed into his wife's middle school, screaming at her to the point that she called a deputy, who banned him from the property. You have to admit, though, that Dukes' five-tool talents are prominently on display here: He'll not only kill her, but her kids too. Versatile, that guy.

Ballplayer's Wife: He Threatened Me, Kids [St. Petersburg Times]

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