SHOTY Quarterfinals: No. 2 LeBron James vs. No. 7 The Machine

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There's no real tale of the tape to run through in this first SHOTY quarterfinal matchup, but if there were, you couldn't help but note that The Machine (probably) has one more title than LeBron does.

As always, it is not about the destination but the journey.

No. 2 LeBron James
Turned 25.
Withstood Snuggies.
Grimaced because of an elbow that might not have actually been hurt.
Inspired a few fakeouts.
Lost to the Celtics.
Wooed by Carl Monday.
Dodged, somehow, Delonte West rumors. Kind of.
Didn't dodge Delonte West rumors.
Talked to Larry King.
Decided to call a primetime press conference that in no way could go wrong.
Took talents to South Beach.
Blew up Dan Gilbert's brain, in Comic Sans.
Allowed Arash Markazi to have his first exercise in actual reporting, which was of course then spiked.
Lost Q rating.
Played actual basketball games.


No. 7 The Machine
Emerged from the "brain" of Brian Wilson.
Unmasked as Pat Burrell.
Dressed up for Halloween.
Won World Series.
Showed up on Jay Leno, though I still assume that was Andy Richter in disguise.


All right, time to vote: Who makes the semifinals, LeBron James or The Machine?


Polls are open until Wednesday morning.