As far as we can tell, Michael David Smith of The Fanhouse was the first to make an issue out of this β€” we even laughed it off ourselves β€” but a couple days later, more people are asking: Shouldn't we be a little more pissed at Patriots coach bill Belichick for just shoving that cameraman out of the way before hugging Jets coach Eric Mangini on Sunday?

The cameraman himself β€” Jim Davis, of The Boston Globe, not Garfield β€” said he wasn't offended, but his paper jumped to his defense.

Belichick, in that brief instant in Foxborough, went after a guy's livelihood. He shoved a piece of metal equipment perilously close to Davis's eye. There's not a single member of the Globe's star-studded stable of photographers who hasn't been jostled while doing the job, but usually it's by some self-important minion, not by the big man himself.


Belichick did apologize yesterday, but considering the suspension Kenny Rogers got a couple years ago for an only slightly more egregious offense ... well, we think his punishment should be to force him to wear a Mike Nolan suit on the sidelines. For all our sakes.

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