Should Photo Hunt Be The Next Poker?

This is Dennis Just, a University of Arizona Ph.D. student who claims to be the world's best Photo Hunt player. But is he? We may never know.

Despite his obvious belief in his own ability, Just has never been in any kind of competition or set any official records. (Because there are none.) He just says he's the best. But that's not good enough. Frankly, neither is he. I've spent some time in some of the most decrepit bars in North America and I know there are some incredible Photo Hunt players out there, including more than a few that could give him a run for his money. (Watch a longer version of the video here.)


For starters, he's just a nerd. He studies astronomy, for pete's sake! He is also not a degenerate drunk, slowly decomposing at the end of darkened tear-stained bar as he pumps quarters into a flickering black box—his only friend in the world—in a vain effort to forget the shattered promise of his long since faded youth. That's what I expect out of a Photo Hunt champion, and the world should expect no less.

So let's find out. Get a sponsor (Baccardi? Girls Gone Wild?), a TV contract, and the saddest, drunkest people in the world together and find ourselves a champion. If soulless, un-photogenic gamblers can become household superstars by playing cards on TV, surely this will work. Norby, can you hear me?

And by the way, despite Just's claims there are Photo Hunt tournaments, but perhaps he was afraid to enter them and defend his self-proclaimed title. Why? Because they are Erotic Photo Hunt tournaments sponsored by Penthouse. (link NSFW, natch.) It's time to step up to the big leagues.

Photo Hunt Wizard [Full video @ AZ Night Buzz]