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AOL Fanhouse writer John Walters has a pretty incredible, candid glimpse of Charlie Weis, in the early morning hours after the Fighting Irish lost to UCONN, where the embattled head coach basically admits that his South Bend days are over.

It's 4:38 a.m. on Sunday and Weis greets Walters for the interview that'd been promised. From the tone of the piece, you get the sense that Walters was surprised at how forthcoming he was about his Notre Dame coaching career. (Weis, apparently, also curses like Artie Lange.) He expected the criticism and the fat jokes, but he didn't expect how much of a toll this would take on his family:

"The damage to Maura and Charlie Jr. is irreparable, It's watching me get hammered. I'll never forgive the people who character-assassinated me without even knowing me. Those people did irreparable damage to my wife and son, and I'll never forgive them."


Speaking of Charlie Jr., he's a 15-year-old coaching prodigy. One thing Weis knows for sure, though, is that his son will never be part of the Fightin' Irish family: "I know where he won't be going to college."

Charlie Weis Opens Up About His Notre Dame Experience [AOL Fanhouse]

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