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Shred All You Want, They'll Make More

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New Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez isn't the only one out there shredding papers with reckless abandon; some overzealous Packers fans are getting into the act.


A Racine pastor had four tickets to the NFC Championship game, until a friend of his got a hold of them. Then he had three.

When Duncan got to four Packers tickets, bundled together with a rubber band, he took off the band, put one in the shredder and then stopped short. "Something rang a bell and he said 'Are you sure you want to shred these?' " Hermanns said.

Too late. One ticket was in shreds. Realizing what happened, they emptied the shredder, collected pieces of the ticket and put them in a plastic bag.


Because the Packers are the Packers, a call to the office remedied the situation. Good thing, too: Currently on StubHub, tickets are going as high as $1,765. That's like the average yearly salary in Green Bay, isn't it?

Fans Mistakenly Shred Ticket To Sunday's Packers Game []

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