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SICK Is A Nice Word For What Bears Fans Are (Yeah!)

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As we mentioned on Monday, we were kind of surprised that the little arts & crafts project to the right here was allowed to be displayed during the Saints-Bears game on Sunday; not that we sat up that night fretting about it, but come on. That's a little classless, if you're into the "class" thing, even for Soldier Field. And apparently Keith Olbermann agrees, presenting the sign with the silver in his Worst Person in the World segment on Tuesday's installment of MSNBC Countdown.

But don't fret, Saints fans, because ABC26 New Orleans TV news correspondents Liz Reyes and Glynn Boyd were on the scene at Soldier Field on Sunday, and they had your back. Their report on other indignities that Saints' fans had to endure from the Chicago faithful included taunts of "Where's FEMA?" and "You from New Orleans? Too bad you didn't drown!" But the highlight came during an interview with two female New Orleans fans, which went like this:

"They have not been very nice ... (in background: "Super Fucking Bowl! Super Fucking Bowl!") ... We're so proud of what the Saints have done for the city of New Orleans, we owe them everything ... (Bears fan jumps into camera shot, yelling "Super Bowl! Super Bears!" Woman pushes him in the face) ... Don't hug me!"


Our favorite part: Boyd then yells at the Bears fan, "Come on, Gov!"

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