Silencing Joe Buck And Tim McCarver: A Simple Tech Solution To Our Crappy World Series Announcers

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Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, Fox's World Series broadcast team, will begin inflicting themselves on a national television audience tonight. Thankfully, technology offers recourse that doesn't involve throwing something heavy at the TV: just synch up the broadcast with radio commentary.

The simplest solution—to mute your TV and play the radio over the broadcast—might be enough for some, but it's unlikely the game action will line up with the commentary. DVR users have an easy fix if the screen action outpaces the radio: just pause and wait for the correct timing. But if the delay is reversed, or if you don't have DVR in the first place, then you'll have to put in a little effort to rid yourself of such McKoans as, "One of the first things they teach a pitcher is to pitch to the catcher."


The folks at Bote's Radio Pages suggest running the radio broadcast through your computer. They've put together an easy how-to for both PC and Mac users.

For PC users with a physical radio receiver (the iPhone's MLB Gameday Audio app, for instance, or an actual radio, which we're told is some form of 19th century technology), the best option is to download RadioDelay, a free program by Daan Systems that allows you to choose a delay of up to 30 seconds on your Windows sound subsystem. It works like this:


Bote's recommends waiting for a pitch or a hit to set the delay time once you've set up the program.

For Mac users, GarageBand is the answer. All you need is your iPhone or radio or whatever receiver you're using and a male-to-male 3.5 millimeter cable to run to your Mac's audio input. From there, follow Bote's easy step-by-step process to set up the delay through GarageBand.


You can find the more detailed PC and Mac instructions over at Bote's. Now, before you go to any trouble, please note that the national broadcast on ESPN Radio will feature none other than Joe Morgan. Alas, Bote's has yet to offer any solutions to that problem.

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