Simone Biles Is Now The Most Decorated Gymnast In World Championship History

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Photo: Laurence Griffiths (Getty Images)

Simone Biles stands alone atop the world of gymnastics, again. Her gold-medal performance on the beam in Stuttgart, Germany, made Biles the most decorated gymnast in world championship history with 24. Here’s what her record-breaking outing looked like:

Biles extended her record to 25 medals with her performance on the floor just a couple hours later. Despite stepping out of bounds during the routine, she ended up winning that event by a full point with 15.133.


Belarusian male gymnast Vitaly Scherbo owned the previous record of 23 worlds medals, but he reached that number across the men’s six events, plus team and all-around. Biles, meanwhile, got there with two fewer events, competing in the women’s four, plus team and all-around. (Scherbo medaled in four different world championships, while Biles medaled in five.) Biles also set her record with many more golds than Scherbo—19 of her 25 medals are gold, while Scherbo had 12 golds.


In what can only be described as an act of benevolence to the other competitors, Biles did not medal in all of her competitions—a feat she accomplished last year. She finished fifth place on uneven bars, which, given her record of self-criticism, will probably bother her for quite some time.

Whether Biles will continue to add on to her record remains to be seen as she hasn’t confirmed her decision to compete after next year’s Olympics in Tokyo.