Notes from the final week of the NFL regular season, this week with no Brett Favre ...

I'm Not A Doctor! With other NFL coaches falling around him like defenders at the Alamo, Mike Singletary can sit back and smoke a fine cigar today; he received good news following the 49ers' 27-24 win over the Redskins on Sunday, signing a four-year extension to officially become the team's head coach. Singletary, who was 5-4 as interim head coach, including 5-2 over the last seven games, will get $10 million over four years. You gotta put a hat on him! [San Francisco Chronicle]

Juuuuust Short. Packers' Mason Crosby attempts 69-yard field goal. The kick was in the air so long, they ran a commercial before it landed. [YouTube]


Parcells' Executive Decision. If Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga sells the majority ownership of the team, as he soon may do, Bill Parcells may opt out of his contract and be looking for another job. The likely candidates? The Jets, Browns, Raiders and yes, your Detroit Lions. [ESPN]

A Very Brady Monday. So NBCSports is saying that Tom Brady's knee rehabilitation is behind schedule, and his 2009 season may be in jeopardy. Other reports, however, say that the progress on his knee is very good, and all is going well. So, choose your favorite, I guess. [Boston Globe]