Six Notre Dame Football Players Arrested In Two Separate Incidents

Photo credit: Mel Evans/Associated Press
Photo credit: Mel Evans/Associated Press

Cops charged senior Notre Dame cornerback Devin Butler with felony battery to law enforcement while busting five other Irish players for things like weed possession and illegal handgun possession in two separate incidents last night.


South Bend police picked up Butler and charged him with the felony battery charge as well as resisting law enforcement after an incident at that city’s Linebacker Lounge. He’s still in jail, according to ESPN.

The other five players earned the charges after a traffic stop in rural north-central Indiana:

  • Senior safety Max Redfield (Possession of marijuana, possession of a handgun without a license)
  • Freshman WR Kevin Stepherson (Possession of marijuana, possession of a handgun without a license)
  • Sophomore RB Dexter Williams (Possession of marijuana, possession of a handgun without a license)
  • Sophomore LB Te’von Coney (Possession of marijuana)
  • Freshman CB Ashton White (Possession of marijuana)

The latter incident reeks (of weed, and also bullshit) since here’s how the Indiana state police described the incident:

Trooper Reason initiated a traffic stop on a 2007 Ford Focus on U.S. 31, near Fulton County Road 375 North, for allegedly traveling 73 miles per hour in a posted 60 miles per hour zone. The Ford also allegedly had an improper taillight. While Trooper Reason was speaking with the driver, identified as White, he allegedly smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from the car. Trooper Reason utilized his narcotics detecting police dog, Cartoush, to conduct a free air sniff around the Ford. The dog indicated the presence of illegal narcotics inside the vehicle. During a subsequent search of the car, officers allegedly found marijuana and a loaded handgun.

First I want you to imagine five college football players stuffed into a Ford Focus. Then, realize that the cop clearly had no interest in actually determining who was holding, and decided to charge them all. (Or, alternatively, imagine what it would look like for three college football players to be simultaneously be in possession of one handgun.)

Details on Butler’s arrest are less clear; I’ve been to the Linebacker Lounge many, many times and the only thing I’ve ever seen there are Notre Dame freshmen assaulting each other’s esophagi with their tongues.

Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.