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Six Ways The Cavs Can Get Back Into This Series

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been dominated by the Golden State Warriors through the first two games of the NBA Finals. Down 2-0, the Cavs are running short on chances to get back into the series, but I think they still have a shot if they make the following adjustments.

1. Go Sma—

Okay, right. Sorry, LeBron, that probably won’t work.

2. Bring Kyrie Irving Off The Be—

Nope. Nope. You’re right, another bad idea. Sorry. Really, so sorry. Let’s move on.

3. Play Timofey Mozg—

Haha. No, no, that was totally a joke. I swear!

4. Try To Push The Pac—

Okay, yes, I know you’ve been trying to do that, but what if you tried harder???

5. Feed J.R. And Hope He Gets Hot Earl—

Right! Ignore that one! Just ignore it.

6. Hack-A-Bogut?


I’ll just show myself out.

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