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Illustration for article titled Six-Year-Old Sends Brandon Jacobs $3.36 To Stay With The Giants

Brandon Jacobs is not what you would call a great running back. But that doesn't matter when you're six years old, and you attach yourself to a player for the least rational of reasons. Maybe young Joe saw Brandon Jacobs score a single touchdown on a particularly formative viewing day. Maybe Joe's parents bought him a Brandon Jacobs jersey, and he's tied his six-year-old hopes and dreams to that talisman.


Joe grew up a bit this offseason when Jacobs was released by the Giants, who would have owed him $5 million, and he signed with the 49ers. It's a little hard for a child to understand why someone he likes has to leave, but his mother explained it the best she could: "The Giants didn't have enough money to keep him."

Joe (via his mother) sent Jacobs this letter and $3.36 to get him to return to New York. "So you could go to the Giants, here is my money. Love, Joe." Jacobs posted it on Twitter, and promised to pay the kid a surprise visit. He then went car shopping.

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